Sick Day

The travel guide we read before arriving in Taipei warned us how easy it was to get sick here due to it being such a densely populated place. In my mind I thought we would be rubbing elbows (literally) with people whenever we ventured outside. I stocked up on hand sanitizer and cold medicine before we left NZ. Once we arrived, I found what I had read was far from my day-to-day reality. In fact, the area around us is not at all crowded. It’s typically to only ever share the sidewalk with a few other people. As you move closer to the city center it does become more crowded, especially on the weekends. The MRT can be horrific on the weekends. Thankfully we haven’t had to experience it at rush hour. Anyhow, because of where we lived, I became a lot more relaxed about germs, and the possibility of getting sick. I stopped carrying around my hand sanitizers and no longer toyed with the idea of wearing a face mask. This week, after a very crowded weekend ride on the MRT, my fear was reignited and I decided I should be more careful. So back the sanitizer went in my purse. Thank goodness too as I had a very germy week. We went to Shilin Night Market the biggest and most crowded night market. We also had a function for Alumnae from my College (lots of hand-shaking) and I went to Costco (read: germ-ridden shopping carts). I was super careful all week long and guess what? I am writing this from my sick bed.

Go figure…

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  1. Hope you feel better soon Mel. At least your immunity to all those germs may be a bit better after this bout of being sick xx

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