Interpretive Art

A few weekends back Luke and I went and checked out the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Taipei. We weren’t prepared for just how contemporary it would be  – most of the items on display were installations rather than your classic framed art on walls (which we prefer). Call us small-minded or uncreative but we really just don’t get most of this stuff.

Luke tried his best to understand too:

Thankfully not all of it was ‘interpretive’ art. One installation was a candy store with miniature chocolate guns, tanks and fighter jets. We both thought this was pretty cool. (And I think we ‘got’ it…).

The other quite interesting installation was one of photographs. Each photograph showed a different public building in Taiwan that had been built using tax dollars and then abandoned. It was sending a pretty strong message about the waste of money/underutilized spaces.

After the Museum we grabbed a cab. And quickly saw that we were faced with more interpretive art:

Not sure what was going on in the photo?

Soon after we got in and on our way, the cab driver then asked us in Chinese if we were feeling hot and we said yes so he reached behind the seat and pulled out this contraption:

Apparently this is his invention to solve the issue of passengers not getting enough cool air. He had different lengths (if you are in the front seat) and even some with double passages so each rider could feel the air. For the remainder of the ride he tried to sell us one of his inventions. Thankfully, due to the language barrier, we could pretend we didn’t understand the sales pitch.

Our last stop of the day was to a restaurant close to us called, ‘Bongos’. We have passed by before on our bikes and thought it looked cool and the menu tasty. What a delight to find out it was all this and more. We both devoured burgers (Luke: beef, Mel: Gardenburger) and shared a spinach and artichoke dip starter.

We probably won’t go back to the MOCA but we’ll come back here for sure.

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