Last week of the semester

It’s the final week of our first semester studying Chinese. It didn’t start so well for me.

(I’m pretty dangerous on a bike.)

Thankfully the week (and my elbow) has gotten progressively better. For one Luke and I completed our end of semester assignment – to give a five minute speech in Chinese. Our speeches were both introductory speeches – to tell the audience about ourselves,  our families, where we come from, etc.  It took a lot of preparation and practice to do this.

Our speeches were both on Tuesday afternoon so we spent the morning preparing (and trying to calm our nerves). We went to the room where the presentations were held a bit early to watch the other speeches.

There weren’t any of our fellow beginners before us so hearing these close-to-fluent speeches was impressive but also nerve wrecking as we didn’t understand much. So we spent the the time reviewing our note cards.

Luke had decided to memorize his speech and go sans notecards which was pretty brave. Thankfully he was wearing his lucky socks.

When we finally presented we both did great. The hardest part was the 5 minute question time after as the audience was asking questions using vocabulary we didn’t know. They were most interested in Fern. In my speech I said that Fern is a Taiwanese cat and so she teaches me Chinese and I teach her English. During this part, I put up a photo on the powerpoint:

The crowd went wild.

We’re both really glad to be done with our presentations. Just two more days of classes and we’re on break.

To celebrate a job well done we went out for dinner to a small Cambodian place we stumbled upon near the night market.

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