New Friends

One of the great things about learning a new language is the opportunity to make new Chinese speaking friends. About a month ago Luke was introduced to a Taiwanese man, the same age as Luke, who was keen to practice his English with someone. Just about every weekend since then Luke and Yeats have been meeting up to share a cup of coffee and talk in both English and Chinese. They get along really well so we proposed taking it one step further and going on a double date with him and his girlfriend, Claire.

So last night we met them for dinner on Yongkang Street.

Yongkang Street is packed with awesome restaurants and cool little boutiques to explore.

The restaurant Yeats picked was called 府岸海鮮城.

We quickly picked up from the interior that it was a seafood restaurant.

When Yeats and Claire arrived, Yeats called the waitress over and ordered the meal. This is just one of the many advantages of dining with locals-they know what is good to order.

The dishes started coming out…

My favorite dish, which is also the restaurant’s most famous, is some kind of fried rice with crispy baby shrimps on top called ‘Sakura shrimp and rice’, as it looks as vibrant as the Japanese sakura flower.

Throughout the dinner we talked mostly in English as they both have been studying it for 15 years. Towards the end of the dinner we switched to Chinese and it was quite hard. Luke and I managed to respond to some questions and also ask them questions in Chinese. They thought we sounded good so we were both quite pleased about that.

After dinner they took us to another place on Yongkang Street to sample Taiwan’s famous dessert, shaved ice.

You can pick from various toppings to go on top of your shaved ice. The most popular is mango (we were also very happy to find out that Taiwan has just entered its mango season).

We ordered the strawberry and mango shaved ice and Yeats and Claire had mango and taro.

We had a great night with Yeats and Claire and all agreed to do it again very soon.

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