Luke’s Birthday part 2

I asked my friend for a recommendation on where to take Luke for his Birthday dinner. I told her I wanted a really good Japanese Restaurant. Almost with out hesitation she told me she knew exactly the place. The restaurant is called: 魚道生日式料理 (not sure of the translation). Since it wasn’t really English-friendly, my friend had to book for us.

We arrived and took a seat at the sushi bar. There were no menus – all we had to do was to pick the set-menu we wanted (just the price as the food was all a surprise). After we ordered drinks and picked out menus the food started coming out. It was amazing. There were about 10 dishes each  all up in our set. Each one had a different kind of fish and flavor. Everything was beautifully presented and so delicious.

Here are a few snaps from our dinner:

After dinner we headed to a cocktail bar close by called, Fourplay. It was a great contrast to our serene dinner – it was boisterous and filled with a great weekend party atmosphere.

The cool thing about Fourplay is it also has no menu. You tell a waiter what kind of drink you feel like (what spirit, whether you like fruity, sour, sweet, etc and how strong you like your drink) and out comes a cocktail suited to your tastes. It was excellent. Luke went for a whiskey based, not sweet, and I went for a vodka based, sour drink. Both were very good and well priced too at around $9NZD. We’ll be back to both these places for sure.

We packed a lot into our Saturday celebrating Luke’s 28th Birthday, his first birthday in Taipei. It was a lot of fun and showed us new and interesting parts of Taipei. We came home after the cocktail bar totally exhausted but both agreed it was an awesome day.

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  1. The sushi looks amazing and that sounds like such a wonderful way to celebrate Luke’s birthday! I am so jealous of your totally international jetsetting life! Tres cool.

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