Luke’s Birthday Part 1

It was somebody special’s birthday on Saturday so I was up early decorating, wrapping presents, and making banana bread and coffee.

Luke woke up pretty quickly when he found out presents were being served with breakfast.

After breakfast we set out to hike Elephant Hill, which is located a few blocks from Taipei 101.

The day was overcast but incredibly humid. We were a couple of sweaty messes by the time we got to the first look-out.

The view was awesome. The walk can also be done at night-time as the path is well-lit. I imagine it is even more stunning at night.

We cut our hike short because of the heat and headed back down into town. On our way back towards 101 we stumbled on a large outdoor market and had a wander around.

After the market we made our way to Eslite Mall near Taipei City Hall and found a vegetarian buffet to have lunch at. Luke was keen to have sushi but since I knew something he didn’t (that we were going to have sushi for dinner) I convinced him that vegetarian food would be better.

After lunch we came back and decided it was a good time to have cake.

I could only (safely) fit 16 candles on the cake. I told Luke the number of candles were meant to represent how old he really looks.

I am so glad I married someone with such powerful lungs. Now if only he could learn not to spit all over the cake when he blows out candles…

I made a simple vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. I was lucky to find sprinkles in Taiwan (which are a rare). I was told it’s also very hard to find candles so I am glad I brought some over from NZ.

To be continued…

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