A Rug for My Mama

Dear Mom,

I am so grateful to have you as a Mother. I am especially grateful for all the wisdom you have imparted on me over the years. One of the most important lessons you have shared with me is the importance of having a rug on a kitchen floor.

I know that some of your other daughters have chosen to ignore this lesson.

Shocking image

How can she live like this?

I know you find these images extremely upsetting as you have expressed grave concern to me and the occupants of these kitchens. And yet still they do not comply with your wishes.

On this Mother’s Day I have decided to raise the bar. You may get flowers, chocolates, and cards from my sisters but not from me. From me you will get peace of mind. Peace of mind knowing that I have a rug on my kitchen floor.

Rug dedicated to my Mother

I love you Mom and firmly believe that this act should promote me to your favorite daughter.

Happy Mothers Day!

Love Mel

2 responses

  1. Did you know that kitchen rugs are actually incubation chambers for miniature aliens who have a grand plan to take over the Earth. They feed on little crumbs and foodstuffs that get dropped on kitchen rugs and this gives them the sustenance they need as they develop their conniving plans to overthrow the humans.

    Save the Earth, rid the planet of kitchen rugs! 🙂

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