Our New Roommate

Meet Fern.

She’s 7 months old, purrs incessantly, and loves to pounce on my hair ties.

We picked this little fur ball up on Monday from an animal shelter in Taipei.

She won me over with her calm, cool and collective attitude.

She’s moved into our spare bathroom  – rent free (and I’ve even decided to throw in the food).

Despite these flash digs she mostly roams around the rest of the apartment – playing with toys and sitting on our laps for hours while we study.

Her favorite time of the day is when Luke does this:

She also loves to gnaw on Luke’s plants so much so he has to guard them 24/7 (see Mexican stand-off below). This is why we named her ‘Fern’. ‘Meatball’ just wouldn’t do.

She parties hard and then sleeps it off. After just three days she’s passed out on all our couches and chairs.

We love this little thing more than we love peanut butter. A lot more.

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