Staving Off Stress

I started Mandarin lessons on Monday. Like Luke I am doing three one-on-one hour long classes a day. It’s been a fun first few days but Luke constantly reminds me how quickly that will all change and then it just gets hard. So I will be doing a lot of this.

Coffee drinking and studying

We’ll go broke if I have Starbucks every time I study so I will have to settle for the sub-par instant stuff we have at home. Whatever it takes…

As the work gets harder we are going to make sure we have some healthy activities to help get us through moments of stress. One of my favorites is cooking. Last night I took a break from the books and made these yummy things.

Barley-stuffed roast peppers

But sometimes cooking takes too long and I just want an instant stress reliever. That’s when I say ‘TGF7-11’ (Thank Goodness For 7-11). One day soon I promise to write a post on the importance of 7-11s in everyday life in Taiwan but for now I will share my latest purchase –  a special Korean Aloe Vera face mask for stress relief.

The 7-11 cure for stress

So I put it on and took a photo to share.

Hannibal Lecter look-a-like

And after 15 minutes the only thing I felt was disappointment that I had all this greasy stinky goop on my just washed hair. Then I checked out the above photo which seriously freaked me out and made my stress levels increase because of how scary I look.  So it seems this 7-11 magic bullet is too good to be true.

Just down the road from us there is a massage place where partially blind Taiwanese work. You can get all kinds of different massages there for as low as $200 NTD ($8 NZD). I decided to check it out and went for the $200 NTD head, neck, back, and shoulders massage for 20 minutes.

Mr. Amazing Hands

It was great and will definitely be added to our portfolio of regular stress reliving activities.

Apart from the above, and our regular exercise regimes, we are also thinking about getting a pet to chill out with during study breaks.

A photo of my Sister's very stress-free dog. Broca

Probably not a dog due to our apartment living but perhaps something of the feline variety. I can feel my stress levels dropping just thinking about a cat on my lap.

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