A Samoan Farewell

On Saturday night we attended a farewell party for a couple of Samoan Kiwis who have been living in Taipei for the past four years and are returning to NZ.

The theme of the party was ‘Survivor Samoa’.

Kiwis in Taipei

I made a new friend

The guests were asked to dress for the theme but as you can see not everyone did. This was lucky for me as I did and was selected as one of the best dressed.

Finalists for best dressed contest

To select a winner we were told we had to do a ‘Samoan Strut-off’ and the person with the best strut would win a prize.

The music started and the guy in the wig went first. He did a sort of sexy dance around the room. The second guy followed in suit- clearly trying to appeal to the ladies and get a few laughs from the men. I was not about to bump and grind so instead I decided to pull out my hidden talent – gymnastics. I kicked up into a handstand and walked around the room on my hands. The crowd went wild.

Handy party trick

Just when they thought I was done I did a back walk-over.

Too quick for the camera

I was instantly declared the winner and was handed a big bottle of ready made cocktails and golden cocktail shaker. (I’d like to thank my Mom and Dad for all the years of expensive gymnastics lessons that have allowed me to keep my dignity at parties.).

The best dressed content was only the start of the games.

Samoan Survivor games

Challenging my senses

Luke and team blindfolded

In between rounds I snuck outside to sneak a peak at the awesome view.

101 all lit up

Fun party

We had a great time but stayed out too late.

Party Animals

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