Night market adventures

A very popular way to get around Taiwan is by bike. Bicycles are everywhere.

And you can buy new or used ones for very little money as Taiwan is a major manufacturer of bikes. Wanting to do as the Taiwanese do Luke and I bought brand new made-in-Taiwan bikes on Friday. We paid $1800 NTD (or $74 NZD/$61 USD) each.

Keen to use our bikes and in search of a bit of fun on Friday night we rode over to our local Night Market (Shida 師大路夜市).

It was a toasty hot day (88 F/31) so we were in need of a cold drink. We stumbled across a bar called Bistro 0.

As we walked in we saw this Bulletin Board with photos of cats on it. Since we can’t read Chinese we had no idea what it said or what the purpose of it was.

Until we walked in and saw this.

There were cats in the bar!!!!!

It seriously made my week. It was AMAZING. We ordered drinks, sat down and before I knew it this beauty of a cat jumped in my lap. She was precious. She stayed on my lap (and for a short time on Luke’s) the entire hour we spent there.

The outfit was a little strange but she totally rocked it. Meow Meow. There were other cats in the bar but not as friendly as Miss Pink.

It was hard to leave but we were both hungry and ready to find some dinner. Our dinner plan was derailed when we were stopped by a group of Taiwanese University Students in the street. They explained that they were studying English and had a school assignment to complete. They asked if they could interview us for 20 minutes. This is the second time we have had this happen to us in a Night Market. We don’t at all mind doing this as we are in the same boat of trying to learn Chinese and needing people to practice with. So we went with the three guys to a Starbucks where they bought us a drink.

What we didn’t know though was that their questions were all about American NBA Basketball  – something we know very little about. Thankfully being from Cleveland I was able to talk a little about the Lebron James scandal. And Luke has recently read a few articles about LINSANITY – enough to sound well informed and interested! They video taped us so no doubt we are up on some Taiwanese Youtube looking like big dorks.

The three guys were really lovely and it was nice to spend sometime with locals.

After the interview we made our way to dinner. We decided to try this place called ‘Toasteria’ – Taipei’s home for grilled cheese.

This bar/grilled cheese factory was packed on Friday night. The menu was pretty fantastic – there were more than 20 different kinds of grilled cheese sandwiches to choose from.

I went for the Italian – with mozzarella, pesto, and garlic and Luke went for a wasabi chicken one.

For around $5 NZD these sandwiches were pretty darn awesome. We ended out Night Market at

We tried the green tea yogurt with mochi and oreo toppings.

A perfect way to end our adventure.

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