Organics and Lunch at Lattea

Organics are all the rage here. I’ve walked by a countless number of organic stores most with a small eatery inside. I’m a sucker for organics, I like the good feeling I get when I purchase something that is free of chemicals and grown/made by a company with a bit of heart. Don’t get me wrong, there have been numerous examples of false claims and pocketbook labelling in the organic world so not all these companies are good.

I thought I would share some of the organic groceries I have purchased. Starting with my most bizzare find…Beetroot Jelly.

This was not at all what I expected. I thought maybe it would be more like a chutney but it was actually the strangest watery goop-like consistency I have ever seen. Edible, but I can’t say I would purchase again.


Miso paste

Lots of organic greens

Non-GMO soy sauce

And this Oat Drink which is basically really watery oatmeal. I sucked it down as the health benefits are sure to outweigh the gag-inducing texture.

Speaking of trying new things Luke and I went to this place called Lattea the other day in search of a cold beverage and lunch.

Lattea is famous in Taiwan for their specialty drink which is basically an iced honey jasmine tea with a salty buttery foam and green tea powder on top. It looks just like a beer but the taste is far far from alcohol.

I love the drink but I think Luke is still deciding if he is a fan! Lattea has other other drinks if  butter tea doesn’t interest you.

They also have a small selection of food. We ordered the spicy tofu salad, chicken nibbles, and

crispy savoury turnip cake slices.

The food was really tasty.

There are Latteas all over Taipei. They tend to attract the student crowd as a place to study and socialize. Just don’t come to Lattea to play a game of cards- it seems that is not allowed.

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