Easter in Taipei

Our weekend started off chatting to Mom, Natalie, and the Easter Bunny.

We couldn’t find any Easter eggs in Taipei but we did find the public library

And this decked out midget car

In search of new Easter traditions I tried a Sugar Leaf Jelly Iced Tea but it was no substitute for the almighty chocolate egg.

Instead of an Easter basket Luke bought a Peace Lily for his desk.

Easter lunch was this scallion pancake purchased from a roadside stand.

For Easter Dinner we decided to class it up a bit. After some research we found a bit of New Zealand in Taipei at KGB: Kiwi Gourmet Burgers.

The interior felt made us feel right at home with New Zealand art, magazines,

plastic tomato sauce holders,

Monteith’s beer,

and of course, Kiwi burgers

As we were walking home we came across this guy who was selling little pancakes with a custard filling shaped like eggs.

Luke gobbled them up before I got a chance to take a photo so here’s one I found on the internet instead

We hope you all had a very Happy Easter! With love, Mel and Luke

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