Friday in Taipei

It’s Friday! Pretty much everyday this week has felt like Friday for me but I know Luke was totally stoked. Luke didn’t start classes until the afternoon so we started this morning at Starbucks (of which there are plenty in Taipei).

Luke studied his flashcards

And I studied the Lonely Planet

We parted ways on the MRT, Luke headed home for lunch and I headed to Shilin to check out the Community Services Center.

The Center is dedicated to helping out expats in Taiwan. I went to find out about volunteer opportunities and also where we can adopt a cat. I loaded up on brochures with activities around Taipei. It seems as though I will have no trouble filling my days.

After the Center I walked around Shilin a bit. There were some really nice furniture shops that I want to take Luke back to.

I saw this shop for what I thought were baby clothes but on second glance I realized it was selling outfits for small dogs

I also stopped in the Carrefour there as I read about this fantastic hypermart in my Lonely Planet. It was huge – 2 floors of groceries, home electronics, cosmetics, you name it. It also had a really good-looking selection of fresh fish – better than I have seen anywhere else.

After the hypermarket I jumped back on the MRT and headed home. In the station I saw this great sign and had to take a sneaky photo

Back in Da’an I was feeling a bit hungry so stopped in at Bread Societe for a snack

I couldn’t resist these guys

The mouse was just a basic sweet white bread but there was more to the smiley panda than meets the eye

A delicious almond, chocolate, raisin filling.

I’m not sure what we’ll do for our first Friday night in Taipei. It’s been a big week so we might just have a quite one at home.

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