Ten Thousand Books and Ten Thousand Miles

There is an old saying in Chinese, ‘Read ten thousand books, and walk ten thousand miles’ which tells us that you can obtain knowledge by studying and traveling. This is exactly how I intend to get to know Taiwan – through reading and walking (and taxis, buses, and the MRT). I started today.


I walked about 5 miles all up today. I started out at our apartment and walked to the Taipei Main MRT Station. Here are the photos from the walk.

After I reached the Main Station, I jumped on the MRT and took it to the Zhongxiao Dunhua Station to scope out a yoga studio I found online.

The studio was very nice  – probably too nice for what I am looking for. It felt like I was in some posh yoga spaceship. There were seven different studios (all with incredible city views) and three women’s changing rooms! They even had a lounge you could hang out in and use free wi-fi. Some of the classes are taught in English which is a bonus but the membership fee (which is on a yearly basis) is astronomical so I probably won’t be joining.


After leaving the Namaste spaceship I started walking back towards Da’an and came across a familiar name ‘Eslite’. I remembered reading about Eslite bookstores on an online forum for Taipei. It is the Taiwanese equivalent of Barnes and Nobles. I also read that they have a good English selection so I decided to check it out.

It took me awhile to locate the English section as it is a huge bookstore.

I came across a section on learning Chinese and spent a good half hour trolling through the selection. There have been so many times over the past week where I wished I knew Mandarin. I can stumble my way through an exchange of goods for money but, if I am going to last four years here, I will need to be able to say more then ‘hello’, ‘thank you’, goodbye’, ‘no’ and ‘yes’. So I am going to start on my ten thousand books with these two Chinese ones.

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