Bulk Shopping and Full Bellies

Our first few days have been hectic. Since Luke is already knee-deep in study I have been in charge of getting to know our surrounding area and setting up house. It’s been a lot of fun. I’ve clocked a lot of Km’s around the city.

I took the Metro (the ‘MRT’).

Street view from the MRT

I was very impressed with the MRT. It’s very clean, so cheap, and very, very easy to use.  No Mandarin required. We’ve taken quite a few taxis already which are also very cheap and a good option for getting to places where the MRT doesn’t go.

I got off the MRT close to Taipei 101 as I wanted to get a better look at the building. It’s  phenomenal.

Towering presence

I didn’t go up just yet because it’s something Luke and I should do together.

After checking out some of the amazing shopping malls near Taipei 101 (and using all  my willpower to resist buying anything) I grabbed a cab and headed to Costco.

I am now convinced I could live here forever thanks to Costco being here. After getting my membership card for a nifty NT1200 I spent a good hour and a half exploring every aisle of the 2-storey gigantic store.

My ticket in

I saw so many familiar American brands. But there were also many aisles dedicated to Asian cuisine. I also found copious amount of Quaker Oats Oatmeal for very cheap (I didn’t think oatmeal was something I could find here). I filled up my very large cart with all sorts of things including a few much needed appliances.

Not as nice as my Breville but it will do the trick

This will help keep Luke looking sharp

BULK almonds for approx NZD9!

BULK dates and raisins for approx NZD4 each!

A well known American brand of granola

Organic Soymilk galore

I managed to get all this stuff back to our apartment thanks to a very helpful cabdriver.

After I got back and put everything away I turned on the TV with the idea of watching some news on CNN but instead I came across this.

No translation required


Calisthenics complete with a cool down

Our building has a gym but I may not ever need to go thanks to this awesome TV show.

After Luke got home we headed out for our first Taiwanese dinner with some of the other Kiwi expats here.

We went to a place called Ai Cai. Thankfully one couple in our group has been studying for a year and so were able to order for us. I have no idea what I ate but it was all so tasty. The restaurant itself had a great vibe. It was decorated in this very kitsch antique style with lots of posters of old movies. Here are some photos from the night.

It was a great introduction to Taiwanese cuisine. We left feeling so full so next time we know to only have a light lunch.

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