A Stock Take of Our Singapore Stop-over

Singapore is our last stop before Taipei. We’ve had two great days here. It was one big reunion as our friends, Cam and Ginny, live here and our other friends, Simon and Alex, were passing through Singapore on their way back to NZ after a week in Malaysia.

We met up for lunch on Friday afternoon at a museum cafe. (Ginny not pictured as she was traveling back from Australia for work).

It was hot and sweaty in Singapore so we had to drink a lot.

We had pre-dinner drinks and played strategy games at Cam and Gin’s posh city pad.

Dinner was downtown on the Singapore River at Indochine. There was a great ambiance and the food was fantastic.

We ended the night on top of Marina Bay Sands at KU DÉ TA for the city views and one last drink.

Much to Luke’s disappointment we took a cab home and not the  Star Wars X-Wing car.

Ginny arrived Saturday morning and we all met up for lunch in the Arab Quarter.

After Alex, Gin, and I walked around the shops.

And did our best robot impressions

While the boys played Risk and smoked an apple mint hookah

After we said farewell to Alex and Simon we headed to dinner in Little India at a Nepalese Restaurant for Momos and Dal.

We said our goodbyes this morning and are now hanging out in Changi Airport excited to get to our new home.

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