Our last Kiwi supper (for awhile)

After leaving Wellington we flew to Auckland and then drove to Thames for our last New Zealand supper for a wee while.

Family dinner

Elizabeth wanted to make us something extra special for our last night in New Zealand. She’s an expert fisherwoman and has caught a lot of snapper recently. She saved bits of the fish and used it to make a seafood stock. So naturally, a seafood chowder made with lots of fresh New Zealand caught fish, was the perfect dish to make. Here it is simmering away on the stove.

Masterchef worthy chowder

And here’s what it looks like all plated up and ready for consumption.

Seafood chowder and garlic bread

I’m sure if you show up at Elizabeth’s house she’d be happy to make it for you. But if you can’t make it to Thames here’s the recipe so you can make it at home.

A secret Leonard family recipe passed down through the generations and revealed here for the first time ever

We posed a bit before trying the seafood chowder.

Abby, Brad and Renee

The oldest and the youngest

After the delicious chowder and before our mains, I took a few engagement photos of Brad and Abby.

Newly engaged

I forgot to take photos of the main course (fish, pork, salad and roast veggies). But thankfully I remembered to take snaps of the desserts. Abby made an iconic ‘Kiwi’ dish, a pavlova (note that the origin is debated, see Wikipedia). It was tops.

Berry pavlova done roulade style

We also had poached quinces (my new favorite fruit) and ice cream.

Poached quinces and ice cream

After dessert Luke said a few words (quoting Lord Byron and then Lady Gaga to be exact) and Elizabeth gave us a few going away presents- a beautiful book of NZ landscapes for our Taiwan coffee table and an adorable sheep to keep Luke company at night when he gets homesick.

Andre Apis New Zealand landscapes

You're never too old to get a stuffed sheep

We finished off the night with more family photos.

Luke, Renee and me

A true bromance (sorry Matt!)

Renee, Faith and Dominica

Us with Dominica and Matt

Luke and Mum

It was a great night full of lovely family memories. We will miss you all so very much!

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