Belated celebration of Pearl’s 18th

After a long day of packing, Luke and I decided to take a break and have a beer at one of our favorite city bars, Leuven.

Moving is hard work

Better than water

After Leuven we went over to Pearl’s Hall.

Million dollar view

Pearl and Luke

When Pearl turned 18 back in January we promised that we would take her out to dinner at one of our Wellington favorites to celebrate.

We chose Thai Chefs. The food is consistently good and tastes pretty darn authentic.

Pearl's pretty drink

Prawn spring rolls and peanut sauce

My Tom Yum, nice and spicy

The food was delicious but it left us all so full with no room for sticky rice pudding.

Happy from Thai food


It was still early when we finished dinner so we took Pearl to one of our favorite dark alley way bars, Motel.

The staff are very classy there. Pearl didn’t see anything on the menu she wanted, so she named a few things she liked and they made her this creamy strawberry drink that was delicious. One cool thing about Motel is that they have popcorn on the menu. It’s always hard to pass up popcorn when you smell it so we ordered Sweet Kettle Popcorn and called it our dessert.

Night cap at Motel

We walked Pearl back to her Hall and on the way ran into some freaky looking lamas.

Good store security

Lama mama and baby

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