Stocking up

Last night we had  mini-farewell get together at Luke’s manager’s house. We ordered pizza and had many glasses of wine.

What I look like after two glasses of bubbly

Luke’s manager made a delicious cake for Luke and even decorated it with his at-work nickname, ‘Lenny’.

The Colonel saluting Lenny's cake

‘Lenny’ had a great time.

Lenny is flattered

Today, I have been doing more packing. I have also been doing some research on what household items (food, toiletry, etc) might be hard to find in Taiwan. We plan to change our diets and lifestyles as much as possible to fit with local Taiwanese cuisine/custom but I think there are a few items we would like to continue to have access to. I’ve read that most things Westerners demand can be found but (a) it may take some time to find the items and (b) they will be at a very high price. So I will be doing a bit of bulk shopping. Here’s what I plan to pick up more of.

Oatmeal is very $$$ in Asia

Hard to find in Taipei

Stock cubes, baking powder, and baking soda

My all time favorite peanut butter

Organic hair and body care

And on a totally unrelated note, I went to the supermarket this morning and found the cutest thing ever…Meerkat lollies. I had to buy one but it’s too cute to eat.

Too cute to eat

And surprisingly close to the real thing.

Also too cute to eat

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