All things Vegas

Last Saturday in Vegas we walked up and down the Strip. While walking I saw something I had never seen before – grown adults dressed up in costumes. They were EVERYWHERE. It was strange and creepy and clearly an everyday sort of thing. And as you can see from my photos below, the costumes range from popular comic/cartoon character to protestor with a Sudanese flag. Their raison d’être doesn’t vary too much – they are all doing it for money. Some are clearly formally employed and others are costumed homeless.

Spot the George Washington in Spiderman's belt

We followed him for awhile to see if he would climb a building.

I wonder what went wrong in his childhood.

A typical Vegas scene - Garfield with beer.

Mariachi Mexican. (This may not be a costume)

Occupy Vegas?

These guys looked legit.

They say, ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ but I’m pretty sure these images will forever haunt me wherever I go.

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