The Surprise

All the planning, lies, and expensive airfares were worth it to see my Dad’s face as he walked in the door…

Surprised face

We had a great time explaining how we pulled it off

Dad's face of disbelief and Mom's unsubtle amusement

We presented Dad with our homemade 60th Birthday card

Homemade is always better

Dad was a good sport and even played around with some of our gag gifts

Young at heart

Dad was well and truly surprised, he didn’t suspect a thing. He kept saying how he couldn’t believe it. The hardwork and secrecy certainly paid off. After we all settled down and it set in that we were all in Vegas together and would be for the next few days, we made plans for the rest of the day. We had dinner reservations at 7pm, so we had the whole afternoon to fill in. Since the weather was good, we all agreed to a walk down the Strip.

Complete with some gambling (note: it is illegal to take photo inside a casino…whoops)

For Dinner we went to Delmonico’s in the Venetian. We picked this place after a lot of research on the best steakhouse in Las Vegas (my Dad has a deep affinitiy for a good piece of steak). Personally, I was a little bit underwhelmed by the food I had. Since I don’t eat red meat, I did not get to sample the main event, so that’s probably part of the problem. The atmoshpere, however, was good and Rob picked out a stellar red wine that we all enjoyed. The restaurant was BYO and despite the hefty corkage fee it still worked out cheaper than picking off their wine list (see below).

$15,900.00...that's just plain ridiculous!

Dinner at Delmonico's

Their famous steak

My $42 USD scallops (you should have seen the look on my face...only 4?)

Natalie's tomato and fresh mozzarella salad

Special sorbet for Dad

After dinner we walked around the canals of Venice in the Venetian. I’m not sure how true to life it is since I have never been to Venice, but it is certainly something very cool to see.

Dad, Jen, Rob and Nat finished off the day with a bit of gambling. Mom and I went to bed.

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