Officially unemployed

Yesterday was my last day of work. I am now officially unemployed. I really think it is going to take me sometime for it to click that I am done with work and not just on holiday. My plans for my first day of unemployment are shaped around getting ready to leave for the States tonight. So I will be…


I always pack light

And cleaning

Clean bathroom

And I might even find a bit of time to bake something nice to leave behind for Luke.

The stance I typically assume when at home

This will be the first time since last August Luke and I will be apart. It’s going to be strange at first not having him around. I will especially miss having a buddy to fly with. But we’ll keep in touch by video chat every few days. He’s got a busy and exciting month ahead. Perhaps the most exciting event will be when Pearl and Elizabeth come down to Wellington to help Pearl move into her Victoria University Hall.

Luke and gorgeous Pearl (and Tiffany taking a picture of Me)

I get in the day Elizabeth leaves so hopefully our paths will cross somewhere in the airport.

Sweaty Luke and his good lookin' mum

Time to get to ‘work’.

One response

  1. Hi Mel,

    Congrats for finally being unemployed! Now you can just lay back and relax and get Luke to earn the big bucks! 😀

    Nice blog btw. Keep on posting!

    Greetings from Ozzie


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