Last days of work

I have two days left of work.

Yep, that’s it. After I finish up work I am heading over to the States to visit with my Family. My first stop in the States is Vegas to surprise this guy.

Dad and I enjoying a glass of vino

My Dad turned 60 in January  and instead of having a big party, Mom and him went on a cruise. They had a great time, but it is no substitute for a party. So for the last few months, my sisters and I have been carefully planning the surprise. Here’s the plan…

Jen, Rob (Jen’s Hubby), Nat and I will arrive in Vegas on Thursday night.

Jen and Rob

Sisters to be reunited in Vegas

On Friday morning, my parents will jetset from Cleveland to Vegas.

Mom and Dad (in Waiheke Island definitely not Vegas)

My Dad thinks that the trip is a Birthday present from my Mom for just the two of them. Dad loves Vegas but Mom isn’t a fan. So we were worried that Dad would get suspicious. But, Mom is a big Beatles fan so her cover was that she really wanted to see Beatles LOVE (which is currently showing at the Mirage).

When they arrive at the Mirage they will go up to their suite (which Dad thinks is just a one bedroom) to discover us (SURPRISE!) and that we will be staying in a much bigger Penthouse suite (SURPRISE!)

We’ve been very sneaky about this whole thing and hopefully we can pull it off.

After a fun weekend in Vegas, I’ll head back to Ohio with Mom, Dad and Nat. I’ll be there for just over two weeks so will certainly be missing this guy (who has to stay in NZ and work).

Hey there, sexy husband!

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